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In your marketing department, there are four things you should streamline.

In your marketing department, there are four things you should streamline.

I’ve helped thousands of company owners expand their companies and create processes that allow them to thrive even when they’re not in the office over the last 25 years. The invention and deployment of universal business systems, or UBS for short, is one of the simplest methods to attain this sort of growth.

These are ever-changing papers that will outline particular aspects of your business, how to perform them, what resources are required, and who to contact if further information or closure on the activity in issue is required.

The general idea is to create a document that gives everyone on your team the tools they need to do any activity inside your firm, which is a great help whether you’re short on employees or have someone on vacation or on leave for a lengthy period of time.

Now, depending on the assignment, how you choose to document the resources and processes for that work will differ. A word document, a video clip, or even a self-guided report or spreadsheet may be useful. Feel free to try different things to see what works best for you and your team.

So, today, I’d want to discuss with you four crucial items that your marketing department should keep track of.

1. Best practices for email

This might include things like company-wide email signatures, carbon-copy processes, and how to distinguish between top-priority and FYI emails. Having your company’s best practices documented will provide new team members with a roadmap to follow from the start, allowing them to come on board faster and with less uncertainty.

2. Social media posting guidelines

This might cover things like how to post on your own social media sites, who to tag, hashtags to use in specific situations, how frequently and where to post, and so on. Some firms may additionally include language concerning personal social media accounts and social media behavior that they don’t want their workers to engage in. Put what you wish to say in writing, and keep it up to date as your requirements change.

3 . Processes and controls for the website

You’ll be glad you documented the controls and protocols that surround your website when the IT worker goes on vacation. To minimize conflict and data corruption, you may wish to incorporate processes for where and when changes are to be made. Data backups, vendor names, contact information, and account login information should all be included.

4. Checklists and standard procedures for campaigns

Your marketing team will learn a lot about what works and doesn’t work for your client base over time, and when your team members leave, it’s easy to lose all of that information. Keep a running record of your team’s testing and campaigns, noting what succeeded, what didn’t, and what tests they’d want to do next time to keep moving ahead.

Keep checklists of typical marketing duties, such as creating email campaigns, so that another team member can step in if someone is sick or on vacation.

Once you’ve streamlined these four processes, you’ll be able to focus on higher-level duties that will help your company develop.


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