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Is an Executive Physical Exam Completely Comprehensive?

Is an Executive Physical Exam Completely Comprehensive?

You must pay attention to your body and check its systems to ensure that illnesses and disorders are treated as soon as possible if you want to be as healthy as possible. An executive physical exam, which is far more thorough than a standard checkup, examines your overall health using both traditional and alternative medical methods.

Hammad Qureshi, MD, of Creekside Family Practice in Cypress, Texas, has a lot of experience helping people reach their health goals. He assists his patients in managing their illnesses, obtaining proper nourishment, losing weight, and living life to the fullest. Dr. Qureshi provides executive physicals to his patients so that they can obtain a complete picture of their health and take the necessary steps if any problems are discovered.

What is the purpose of an executive physical examination?

Every year or two, most people have a physical examination. These checkups allow the patient to bring up concerns while also allowing the doctor to receive a baseline picture of the patient’s health. Typically, the physician will refill pharmaceutical prescriptions and send the patient to any specialists that are needed.

A standard physical examination is far less rigorous and in-depth than an executive physical examination. Dr. Qureshi conducts a thorough assessment of all of your body’s systems, ensuring that you are in optimal condition. Rather than only looking at your symptoms, an executive physical exam is proactive in looking for any signs of underlying disorders in order to detect problems early.

Is a full executive physical examination possible?

Dr. Qureshi extensively examines you and requests diagnostic testing during an executive physical exam to provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your health status. This allows you to be alerted to any signs or symptoms of illnesses or ailments that require monitoring or treatment. Early identification is crucial for avoiding serious health consequences from a treatable disease. Physical tests of executives Check your entire body for any issues.

Circulation system

Dr. Qureshi examines all of your circulatory system’s components to ensure that everything is in working order. He examines your heart function with an ECG and utilizes ultrasound to search for plaque buildup in your arteries.

System of respiration

Your lungs are vital organs that process oxygen from the air and transport it to your blood to be circulated throughout your body. Dr. Qureshi utilizes pulmonary function tests to see if your lungs can contain the amount of air you require while still being powerful enough to draw it in and discharge it.

Urinary tract

Your urinary system, also known as your renal system, is in charge of controlling the pH and volume of your blood as well as removing waste. Your kidneys filter your blood, eliminating waste and excess water before converting it to urine and excreting it. Dr. Qureshi conducts a urine test to check for infections in your urinary system and determine how well your kidneys are working.

System endocrine

The endocrine system is made up of glands that create and release hormones that regulate most of your body’s vital activities, from metabolism to sexual drive. Dr. Qureshi looks at your endocrine system, specifically the thyroid gland, which controls your energy levels and digestion. Dr. Qureshi utilizes the results of these tests to screen for issues and determine whether additional specialist visits are required. The tests also give baseline data that may be compared to subsequent testing to see how issues are progressing. He also goes over the essential vaccines and medicines with you.



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