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The Benefits and Development Trend for SMD Outside LED Display

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As the world develops advanced LED technology, the SMD indoor LED screens are now able used for outdoor applications and marketing by sharing DIP lighting sources. It is recognized that billboards with outdoor LEDs mostly DIP-based devices a just a few years ago. But, due to the lower intensity of SMD modules, they are unable to adjust to an complex outdoor environment, the SMD LED display boards is only suitable for indoor applications. In the present, SMD panel got increasingly technologically advanced in the LED outdoor market.

The obvious benefits of an outdoor SMD screen:
When compared with LED DIP display models SMD display screen has the benefits of a broad viewing angle, superior lighting distribution, and high contrast ratio. Outside SMD LED display has a wide viewing angles at 110° in the direction of horizontal, but it also offers more than 110 degrees wide viewing angles when looking vertically. Thus, outdoor high-build advertisement LED display will require an outdoor SMD color display with a wide viewing angles to give a better advertising impact.

Furthermore the outdoor SMD panel is greater consistency, whereas dimmable LED lights (green red, blue,) are difficult to attain consistency index. However, smd outdoor panels can help these three color brightness be extremely consistent. SMD LED boards ensure that the outdoor smd LED has full-color show brightness uniformity regardless of angle for more accurate color fidelity.
Furthermore, the size of SMD full-color screens is less than that of DIP, which means the area of light is less as well as the black space is bigger that enhances the brightness of LED display screens. SMD is packed in an aesthetically designed design, with integrated red, green and blue and three chips can be used as a single pixel on the entire screen. But, DIP LED lights only come with one color chip and therefore require 3 different lamps in order to combine to form pixels. Therefore mixing effects of the full color display are superior than the upright LED displays.

Furthermore, the outdoor full-color smd LED display are no-pot glue required and the display is slim, making it easy and speedy installation. The cabinet is made of aluminum alloy. style, it is beautiful and easy to put together. Ideal for rental companies with LEDs taxi-top screens mobile media, etc.

Outdoor SMD panel circuits is possible to design with light and drive in one, allowing for easy automated production. Outdoor smd is not just improving the reliability but also boosts efficiency in production. In addition, it reduces costs. According to the above-mentioned theory, VERYPIXEL summarized as follows outdoor smd displays have two distinct advantages when compared to DIP LED screens. First outdoor smd displays effects and has a better viewing experience in two ways. First, the larger viewing angles makes outdoor smd better suited for smaller space LED display than LED DIP display.

In response to the increasing demand from marketers due to the need for marketing, small-sized full-color LED display screens are required more, but traditional dip module are clearly not able to fulfill the demands of applications of marketing

With the maturation in LED packaging technologies, LED lamp & SMT chips are widely utilized in this area. In comparison to the conventional upright oval LED full-color display, outdoor SMD displays provide a superior display quality, energy saving thinner cabinet, and a wider viewing angles, regardless of whether they whether they are used indoors or outdoors. SMD Screen believe they will see that SMD LED displays could eventually take over DIP oval LED billboards in the near future.

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